AWSI, a DISA Global Solutions company, offers a variety of auditing and monitoring services that enable operator clients to pre-qualify new contractors, verify the status of drug and alcohol testing programs with existing contractors, and to ensure the contractor is maintaining all testing programs in compliance with federal regulations and/or customer requirements. A typical auditing program includes desk review of drug and alcohol policies and plans, collection and monitoring of testing statistics and covered employee lists, and can include field audits to verify information and compliance. AWSI understands that electronic communication is the most efficient and cost-effective way to service its clients.

Operating Portal

The operating portal allows our operator clients instant real-time access to their audited contractor’s data. Operator clients can monitor status throughout the initial audit process, and monitor ongoing compliance with complete access to audit status, reported statistical and employee data.

Additional Services

Recordkeeping & Reporting

  • Collect and compile drug testing statistics
  • Post quarterly reports of contractor's data
  • Provides technical assistance to contractors

Safety Sensitive Contractor Audits

  • Audit to operator's drug/alcohol policy requirements
  • Provide drug testing reports to operators
  • Analyze data and report deficiencies
  • Develop customized audit checklists to ensure that contractors comply with the operator’s specific requirements.

DOT Part 199 & 40 Program Audits

  • Review written drug/alcohol policy
  • Verify adherence to DOT Part 40 procedures
  • Meet on-going monitoring requirements per DOT/PHMSA
  • Conduct field audits to verify records and program implementation