AWSI is Changing Our Name

Dear Valued Client,

 On January 1, 2021, we will officially change our name to DISA Global Solutions.

Since our acquisition in 2018, DISA has been a truly remarkable partner behind the scenes for our customers. We are grateful that DISA and AWSI both place an absolute priority on the customer experience. With their assistance, we leveraged their larger operational teams and expertise to expand our services, provide better experiences for our users, enhance our security beyond industry standards, and give us the stability to navigate storms like COVID-19. Additionally, we believe that our customers are already familiar with the DISA brand as a leading TPA and their continued pursuit of excellence.

I want to assure you that the customer experience remains a top focus for myself, my leadership team, and every employee at AWSI. We will not be changing your customer service team, phone numbers, or primary points of contact. Additionally, Tustin, California, will continue to be my team's operational headquarters.

I also want to emphasize that we will be continuing the support and future development of the AWSI platform to meet your evolving needs under the DISA brand. While we will rename the AWSI platform in the coming months, the application, processes, and how you interact with it are not changing.

Finally, we do not take this rebranding lightly. You specifically decided to choose AWSI as your TPA, and we continue to be grateful you did. I was here when my father founded AWSI, and I will be here in the coming years as we will continue to meet your highest expectations under our new name.

In the coming months, we will be sending out additional communications regarding our transition to email addresses and the renaming of our AWSI platform.

Best Regards,

Michael Gonzalez
General Manager
AWSI / DISA Global Solutions

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